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A hot tub that can increase your relaxation and peace during stressful times. It’s critical that the electricity for your hot tub is run correctly, so you don’t get into a cold spa. At Douglas Electric, we can run the power from your house to your hot tub in Rancho Cordova and surrounding areas. Our team has six years of experience as licensed, bonded, and insured professionals. We’re here to help you enjoy the outdoors.

Let us make your backyard a place of relaxation with trusted electrical services! Contact us today at (916) 619-6305 for a free estimate!

Installing a New Hot Tub? Let Our Team Power It Up. 

You can choose from multiple types of hot tubs, but it’s critical to consider your home’s electrical system. Plug-in spas can be plugged directly into your traditional 120V outlet allowing these units to be used within minutes. Hot tubs wired directly to your home’s system use 220V or 240V and need a professional to run the power from your home to the new hot tub. 

Here are common mistakes that can be avoided with trusting a professional from our team:

  • Lack of GFCIs
  • Frequently tripped breakers
  • Improper waterproofing
  • No grounding

Outside, it’s critical to use GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets that prevent electrical hazards caused by water. If these plugs aren’t wired correctly, you risk electrocution and severe damage to your hot tub and home. Proper wiring also prevents tripped breakers. You may have a more significant problem with your electrical system if you constantly trip breakers when turning on your hot tub.

Electricity and water don’t mix; that’s why it’s critical to have important electrical components weatherproofed, grounded, and bonded to the rest of your system. Without this necessary protection, you may experience shorts or electrocution. Grounding your electrical allows excess current to flow into the ground instead of damaging your hot tub because of a power surge. When you need expert hot tub services in Rancho Cordova, count on Douglas Electric.

Benefits of Hard-Wired Hot Tubs

“Plug ‘N Play” hot tubs are easily installed by plugging into an outdoor GFCI outlet, but hard-wired hot tubs have clear advantages over these quickly installed models. 

Benefits of hard-wired hot tubs include:

  • More features: Hardwired spas often have a more detailed setup, including increased jets, and can be designed around decks or patios. This can be a more significant upfront commitment but provides more advantages in the long run.
  • Lower long-term cost: The upfront cost of a hardwired hot tub is higher than a plug-and-play model, but it changes and maintains water temperature quicker and more efficiently for lower monthly costs.
  • Faster heat: Hardwired spas use more wattage than other options because they use multiple pumps simultaneously with the heater. This can heat tap water in less than seven hours compared to a plug-and-play that can take nearly a day to heat water to the same temperature.

Count on Douglas Electric when you need an expert to power your hot tub in Rancho Cordova. We can help you improve your backyard with the reliable hot tub you deserve to promote relaxation. 

Don’t hesitate if you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor space! Call (916) 619-6305 when you are prepared to schedule a free estimate.

  • “Douglas went above and beyond for us and did excellent work. We have used this company a couple of times over the years and will do so again. I am really glad that Douglas Electric is in business in my neighborhood. Trustworthy, punctual, good quality.”

    Samantha A.
  • “Amazing! Doug arrived and gave an estimate on the spot and was able to book within the week! Even offered next day!”

    Kelsi L.
  • “The work Doug did was phenomenal and they completed the job efficiently and professionally (happily charging my car as I type this!). Even beyond their professionalism, Doug and his wife are very pleasant people and a joy to talk to.”

    Michael M.
  • “They worked quickly, cleaned up after themselves and had great communication throughout the process! The fans are perfect and we are so happy with their work! We'll definitely be using Douglas Electric for our future electrical needs!”

    Ashley N.
  • “They came out and gave us a fair estimate and clearly explained what they would do. We scheduled the work and they were reliable, on time, efficient, respectful, cleaned up after themselves and did a fantastic job.”

    Shannon T.

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